Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5 Stars: Williams Mamak, Italian Mamak @ Taman Mayang, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

"Williams?! What's this place all about? Is it a cyber cafe?". Hehe, those where the first to questions that I was thinking about when my friend me mentioned about it to me. At that point of time as well; I was hungry as hell and as I was thinking to myself; why in the hell should my friend mention about a CC when he already knows that I was Damn hungry, that time?! Why? Why?

But as I have great trust in my friend I just waited anxiously at front passenger seat of my friend's(Ayap) car. I asked him so many questions about where and what is the place that he was taking me as it was a long drive from Shah Alam that time. The only thing he told was; this place is very near to Kelana Jaya LRT Station and the old Lim Kok Wing College at Taman Mayang. So when I finally arrived; all I felt was disappointment, it was not as I'd imagine it would be. The place looked like a run-downed place where it was like any normal stall would be but the funny thing was, the place was full with customers, from Malays, Chinese, Indians, young and old; It was hard for us to even find a seat at that time.

Hmmmm...there's something fishy I guess. It might be it's cheap and that people are just plain hungry. As I walked on by the tables; each of them where full with classy menus that you would guess never to be served here. Well guess again my friends, you are wrong; the food here are out of this world. For an ordinary stall like this; I or you would have never imagine this could be true!

And what's more surprising was; they do not have any written menus at all, few of the menu list were written on the black board. So they mentioned me about what's there to eat I was quite shocked; how could a normal stall like this could offer such big menus like that and it was pricey for a stall to prepare menus like that. So, I wnet with my friend's suggestion and waited for the surprise. So, our drinks came first:

Mango Special

Ribena Lychees or Longan

Ribena Blended with Shum

Dan's Jumbo Ice Lemon Tea

Well, that's only for starters and when the main course arrived, WALLA! Awesomeness! It was big, plenty and too delicious to be true! You would be happy to know that your money is well spent but be prepared to spend RM15 and more if you some to this place. No worries, I guarantee you'll have a fantastic time! Ok as to set your mouths into a mouth watering pool of saliva; please check on these menus served there:


Surf and Turf

speghetti with mantis shrimp

Spaghetti with Butter

White Sauce Spaghetti

Seafood Platter


Premium Mixed Grill

pepperoni pizza

pasta arabiata

Mix Grill

Mee Raja with Pandan Chicken

Meatball Spaghetti

Meatball Lasagna

Loh Shi Fun With Beef

Lamb Saddle with minced Mushroom

Lamb ribs

Indomee goreng with beef bacon

Chicken Chop


So, guys and gals, what are you waiting for? Should I say any further? Trust me you'll definately love this place. Why?! go have and then ask me, okay? By the way there's more menus available there and all you have to do is ask the people there. Don't be shy, think about the satisfaction after that. I know I have ;)

Here are some summaries:

Location Taman Mayang, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Hidden in the depths of Petaling Jaya near the Old Lim Kok Wing (LKW) is a little exotic unique mamak. It’s located in Taman Mayang, nearby is Taman Mayang Jaya Industrial Park.
Jalan SS26/9 (same row as 7-11)
Taman Mayang Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya
Cuisine Italian, Mamak
Food Pasta, Risotto, Mango Special, Triple-X, Roti Special, Roti Hawaii, Naans
The Ribena Lychee, the Ravioli, the Chicken Kiev with Pasta, the Seafood Spagheti with Mantis Shrimp (Lai Liu Har), Pasta Arrabiata, Chicken Chop, Mixed Grill , Mozzarella, and Pastrami, Pepperoni Pizza, mango-orange freeze
Pasta Arrabiata with Beef, Lamb Saddle with minced Mushroom-Mint base, Spaghetti with Butter fried Lai Liu Har, Triple-H Sandwich, Seafood risotto, White Sauce Spaghetti, Stir fried lo shu fan
Indomee goreng (double) with beef bacon, Premium Mixed Grill, Loh Shi Fun With Beef,
Price Looks expensive
The Nasi Goreng Ketam(RM12.00)
Mee Raja with Pandan Chicken(RM8.00),
Risotto with a LOT of seafood (RM30.00), Ribena Lychees(RM6.00)
pandan leaf chicken (RM5), Nasi Lemak (RM2.50), Sotong Bang Bang (RM25), Soft Shell Crabs Fried Rice (RM15), Meat Platter (RM15)
Mango blended (around RM5-6), Surf and Turf – A piece of steak and a huge prawn (RM40), lamb ribs
Ribena Lychee (RM6), Mango Ice Blended for drinks (RM6-big, RM4-small), Premium Mixed Grill (RM30), Loh Shi Fun With Beef (RM7), Ribena Blended with Shum (RM 6), Dan’s Jumbo Ice Lemon Tea (RM5), Seafood Fried Rice (RM 30), lou shi fun with beef & sausage (RM20), Triple-H (RM 5), seafood platter (RM 40), Pasta Arrabiata with Beef (RM 40)

Around 6pm – wee hours of the morning (Business Hour)


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